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Former Bolivian interim president Jeanine Anez, who led the South American nation in 2019, is now behind bars facing charges of terrorism, conspiracy and sedition.

Anez was president of Bolivia for less than half a year, taking over the country after a disputed election and violent protests in which then long serving president Evo Morales left office and fled the country.

The country's current government arrested Anez on charges that she was a participant in a 2019 coup. Other ministers from her cabinet were also arrested and likewise charged.

The arrests threaten to increase already tense relations between the ruling socialist government led by Morales' successor, President Luis Arce, and the conservative opposition block it accuses of orchestrating Morales' ouster.

Anez was arrested in a pre-dawn raid on her home in the city of Trinidad. She was later photographed in a women's holding cell in La Paz waiting for a judicial hearing.

While in office, Anez was seen as a staunch friend of Donald Trump, as opposed to her predecessor who was allied with Venezuela.

However, during her tenure her popularity sank. She did not run in last year's election which saw Morales' socialist party return to power in a landslide victory.

Anez has stated that she is a victim of political persecution by Morales' party.