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Two women who work at a veterinary clinic in North Vancouver, Canada decided to take action to protect small dogs from the outdoor dangers of large predators, such as cougars, coyotes, raccoons and birds of prey.

Their solution: Predatorbwear, a vest and collar full of pointy spikes that wards off potential animal threats and keeps our furry friends safe and secure.

Alison Columbus and Janice Voth happened upon the idea after seeing firsthand how little dogs can become victims of larger animals when outside. They decided to design a prototype device that would deter predators and keep dogs safe.

"There's lots of predators. It's just kind of a scary world for smaller dogs because everything's bigger than them," Columbus told Vancouver's News 1130.

The harness is made of lightweight materials. The spikes are hollow and placed strategically on the collar and the vest in places most likely to be attacked by a larger predator. The spikes are attached with velcro so that they can be removed when the dog is playing with other dogs.

Columbus told News 1130 that the reaction, while mixed at fist, has been mostly positive. However, since there is no way to humanely test the product, she has not so far heard from any dog owners whose dogs have been saved by wearing it.