Syria-Israel border
Syria-Israel border David Cohen/Flash90

SANA, the Syrian government's official news agency, has categorically denied claims of negotiations about secret dialogue between Syria and the "Zionist entity," calling the reports "journalist fabrications."

"Recently, rumors and false information was published regarding discussions and secret negotiations between Syria and the Zionist entity, and on this issue we emphasize that the Syrian stance has always been clear and publicized when it comes to this issue," the SANA report said.

"In accordance with this, [Syria] has not taken the path of secret negotiations with the Zionist entity, based on its understanding that all negotiations must be dependent on the Syrian interests and the Syrian people.

"All that Syria has done in the past has been public and always, in the present and the future, nothing will be done other than openly, and all talks of negotiations or secret talks between Syria and the Zionist entity are nothing other than false journalistic information."

A Russian channel reported that Rabbi Elie Abadie of the United Arab Emirates was invited to Syria, and that secret talks are occurring between Syria and Israel on the subject of a peace deal.

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