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America’s embrace of woke rituals like toppling statues, renaming schools and banning books appears insane. Yet this insanity is no longer the ideology of ivory tower academics teaching disciplines of questionable value. It is a fury that now pervades the tech industry, showbiz, education and the mainstream media in a way that just a decade ago appeared dystopian.

There are numerous ideological, cultural, political and sociological theories that account for this quasi-revolutionary fervor. All these theories agree on one point: Liberals and moderates no longer view racial inequality as tolerable.

Unfortunately, these liberals and moderates forget that racial inequality is not a variable reflecting bigotry, but a multitude of cultural factors unrelated to race and racism.

The black economist Thomas Sowell has meticulously documented the role of cultural values in socioeconomic performance. In other words, factors unrelated to race explains most socioeconomic disparities in contemporary America. That explains why black academically-oriented Nigerian-Americans or Jamaican-Americans are socioeconomically more successful than whites who are not academically-minded.

The underlying reason for inequality in America is thus not race, but the difference in values and worldview between different communities. For no socioeconomic differences to exist along ethnic lines all communities would need to entirely share the same values. In other words, unless racial quotas are systematically enforced, the attainment of equality demands that all ethnic groups in America be homogenized.

Does not homogeneity run contrary to the core woke value of diversity? It does. But that does not matter, because wokeness is not a plan to bridge social and racial differences. It is a mob that under the sanctimonious cover of New York Times editorials and CNN reports seeks to weaponize race against the American way of life.

More fundamentally, wokeness itself is a profoundly racist undertaking. It seeks to tell successful minorities that they should cease to educate their children to be doctors and lawyers and to inform underperforming minorities that their love for leisure, family life and careers in sport, music and entertainment is misguided.

Equality across racial lines demands that Mexican-American parents instill in their children the same passion for mathematics that moves Korean-American children to excel in the subject. Equality involves pushing Jewish parents to encourage their children to be successful rappers and basketball players rather than law or medical school graduates.

In other words, wokeness involves erasing the differences that make America a free and vibrant society.

Rafael Castro is a Yale and Hebrew University educated business and political analyst based in Europe. Rafael specializes in proofreading, editing and ghostwriting quality texts for entrepreneurs and politicians. Rafael can be reached at