Pro-Israel Christian activists Joshua and Luke visited Palestinian Arab villages in Judea and Samaria to 'bust' left-wing myths on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"We went into Palestinian villages, met the people, and captured normal Palestinian life on camera", Joshua and Luke write, "we visited Rawabi, a Palestinian western city built for 40,000 people right in the middle of Samaria".

"How many people actually live there?", they add, "You’ll be blown away by the answer".

After visiting another abandoned village, the team headed into Turmus Ayya, a place considered the “America of the West Bank”.

"12,000 people claim this village as home", they explain, "but less than 4,000 live here. Filled with villas and mansions, this place looks like it came straight out of Hollywood".

"We even got to interview the mayor on camera", Joshua and Luke write, "This week’s show is truly on the front lines of Israel’s heartland. Get ready for some mythbusting adventure".