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The new guidance provided by US President Biden’s Interim National Security Strategic document is de-stabilizing, unethical and unwise. It enables a violent few to de-stabilize the peaceful many.

Biden reports that his team will be “resuming our role as promoter of a viable two-state solution....

[W]e do not believe that military force is the answer to the region’s challenges,

and we will not give our partners in the Middle East a blank check to pursue policies at odds with American interests and values....

Our aim will be to ... create space for people throughout the Middle East to realize their aspirations.”

Statehood for the Palestinian Authority?? How reckless. When the Palestinian Authority’s “Pay-to-Slay” leaders sought a mascot to launch their international statehood campaign, they chose Latifa Abu Hmeid. Latifa boasts of having parented several incarcerated terrorists - who slaughtered 7 Israeli civilians and attempted to kill 12 more.

If Biden is a mensch, he has no business presiding over such an ominous project.

Two-states, here in the Middle East, does not mean co-existence, Mr. President. It means something else entirely. The “two-state solution” slogan is a blank check allowing yet another Arab failed state to be carved out of tiny overcrowded Israel. This new brutal state would be a bike-ride away from the Jewish people’s peaceful cities and sole international airport.

This is why Biden’s “guidance” is diametrically opposed to American interests and values. It is a blank check empowering a handful of violent people to block the peaceful aspirations of everybody else, Jew and Arab. It is crucial for this guidance to be reversed as soon as possible.

The ancient Arab nation has many crucial societal needs, which Biden is disregarding. What the land-rich Arab nation does not need is more land - nor another state.

Our organization, Mattot Arim, has prepared an information booklet detailing the many peace plans out there which don’t involve carving up Israel – again. “Land for peace” leads the Jews, eventually, into the sea, as they continue paying for their lives, again and again, with more land and more land.

It seems like Joe Biden does not realize that in the volatile Middle East, just a tiny ripple of irresponsible American rhetoric can go far – far in the wrong direction. The United States has enough domestic strife now, its leader should not be stirring up trouble abroad. Because trouble that starts abroad, often ends up coming on board in a way that’s way too close for comfort.

Palestinian elements who are targeting Israel are not going to stop there.

Susie Dym is the spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO working toward peace-for-peace since 1992. She is also a patent attorney specializing in both civilian and military technologies developed in and by Israel.