Dr. Eli Schosseheim
Dr. Eli Schosseheim Hezki Baruch

The chairman of the Efrat Association, Dr. Eli Schosseheim, responded on Arutz Sheva to the words of the Minister of Agriculture, Alon Schuster (Blue and White), who wants to discuss restricting births in Israel.

"I read what the Minister of Agriculture said and I was shocked. How could a minister in Israel imitate Pharaoh? This is exactly what Pharaoh wanted - that the people of Israel should not multiply. Such a thing is inconceivable. Since Pharaoh, to this day, there has been no such thing. They wanted to destroy us but not to diminish the birth of the people of Israel."

Dr. Schosseheim says: "Only 80 years ago we lost six million Jews in the Holocaust and came to Eretz Israel for what? For a minister in Israel to say that the birth rate should be reduced? Every child brings joy and blessing to the family. I answer the minister from here 'yes, may they increase', the Nation of Israel will continue to multiply."

Schossheim continues with tears streaming down his face, "It is impossible for anyone or a minister to interfere in the most intimate thing of the couple and the woman. We have never done publicity to bring children but to encourage childbirth. Save children who already exist but not publicity to have children. All feminist movements in Israel should revolt against the words of the Minister of Agriculture. His words are a shame and a disgrace."

יו"ר אגודת אפרת: איך יתכן ששר בישראל מחקה את פרעה ?

How did the Efrat Association deal with the coronavirus outbreak and the difficult economic situation it created?

"In the last year we have faced tremendous pressure. A 60 percent increase in the number of women who sought assistance due to the economic situation caused by the coronavirus. Many women considered terminating a pregnancy because the husband or wife stopped working and feared they would not be able to afford expenses. And we need to organize budgets and we have met the task. We took out loans and did everything we could to save another baby and fulfill the mission we had taken upon ourselves. It is inconceivable that because of money we will stop living."

The number of children you have saved since then stands at almost 80,000.

"We are currently approaching 80,000 women who have been helped by the Efrat Association to continue their pregnancy, and this number does not include the tens of thousands we saved through lectures and publications. Unfortunately I also think of those who have had an abortion. Every year, 40,000 women have an abortion in Israel, and the Efrat Association has a lot more work to do.

"We are currently preparing for Passover. About 3,000 packages full of wine, matzah, formula, and diapers from north to south are given to women who continued their pregnancy. We do not have one case out of the 80,000 women a woman who today regrets not terminating her pregnancy. All of them are happy and joyful."

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