planting new vineyards
planting new vineyardspicture used with permission of photographer

About a year ago, the settlement of Migdalim in Samaria launched a project to preserve state lands and established five dunams (1.25 acres) of vineyards.

Since then, farmers have suffered from repeated harassment from Arabs in the area who have continuously vandalized the vineyards. About a month ago, several Arabs stole security cameras installed by the IDF and caused significant damage to the vineyards.

Shirel Harlap, one of the founders of the vineyards, decided that an appropriate Zionist response to any damage to the vineyards would be to respond by expanding the vineyards.

This week, heavy machinery began to prepare another 20 dunams (5 acres) ahead of the planting, which will take place before the beginning of the shemita year next year.