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Muslims prepare explosive deviceFlash 90

Five years ago, our agency examined legal documents of the Palestinian Authority and discovered an unprecedented PA law which legislates that anyone who murders a Jew is going to get an automatic salary for the rest of his life and a salary for his family for pepetuity.

This is the first time in history that an entity has declared – as a matter of policy- that anyone who murders a Jew will be entitled to a salary.

Shortly before his death, I asked Prof. Robert Wistrich, leading expert on antisemitism and on Nazi Germany, if there was a precedent for such an award offered for anyone who would murder a Jew.

The answer was no.

What the Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O) has done by way of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.), now funded and recognized by 75 nations, is thus without precedent.

The Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs published this document.

The PA does not hesitate to update the murder reward policy.

No less a personage than the late PLO peace negotiator Saeb Erekat became an advocate of the “pay for slay policy.

No one doubts the accuracy of this report.

Yet people think that a peace process is in progress.

The time has come to launch a new era where the PLO pays a price – a price in its public image and a price in criminal jurisprudence, for daring to enact a law which creates an incentive for murder, putting a fee on the head of every Jew- No matter no matter where the Jew lives, no matter what age is of that Jew.

The time has come for a policy of no tolerance for an entity that enacts a law that creates an incentive to murder.

One of the basic laws of humanity is that anyone who aids and abets someone an act of murder shares the guilt in that act of murder.

New elections now will occur in Israel.

A new US administration is getting its feet wet in Washington.

Whether or not the PLO and the PA will be will be given a new lease on life will soon become apparent.

If the US and Israel turn a blind eye to the PLO and the PA offer of a gratuity to anyone who commits an act of murder, that is not only a policy of antisemitism. That is a crime against humanity

In that context, anyone who provides uncondtional funds to the P.A. must be held accountable and indicted for a war crime.

An employee of any foreign entity found to be aiding and abetting the PA a criminal entity must be criminally indicted.

There is there is no immunity for any employee of a foreign aid office which aids the P.L.O, let alone Hamas.

On our wall, we post picture of 1320 people murdered by Arabs in the first 10 years of the 21st century.

Murdered, where every killer got an award for conducting such a crime, even posthumously.

After all, the PLO pay for slay law awards the killer and the familiy of the killer.

These crimes cannot go unanswered, or they will continue.

This is not a command of Mosaic law, the Torah, but of Noahide law – the law that affects all nations.

Jews do not expect the nations in the world to keep the Torah.

That would be inappropriate.

Jews expect the nations of the to keep the seven Noahide laws. That includes the law against murder

On Tuesday March 9, 2021, 7pm on zoom, a campaign commences.

Brig.-Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, new head of the the
the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center who researched and verified the law that enables the PLO to offer a financial incentive to murder, will appear on that zoom conference, with families whose loved ones were murdered while suffering the indignity of watching the killers of their loved ones being paid and honored for their crime.

All political parties running in the forthcoming Israel elections are invited to this session

Finally, a personage from Israeli officialdom speak ups and says: “Never again.”

In the same way, that the P.A. and the P.L.O. pay people for the rest of their lives for the murders they have committed, the time has come for those who pay the killers to be held accountable for the rest of their lives.

I hold a masters degree in community organization social work. My supervisor once remarked that our task is not to get ulcers but to give them.



An aside. A woman from Israel in her forties, Esther Horgan, mother of six, was murdered on December 20, while jogging near her home. An Arab was caught and indicted for stoning Esther to death. The day after the killer was indicted, the murderer was handsomely awarded, in accordance with PLO law.

Six weeks after the killing, The Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research conducted a zoom session in memory of Esther, in French, because Esther’s family is from France. The session was chaired by Esther’s widower, Benyamin, who appealed to the French government to join the Horgan family in an appeal to the PA to cease and desist from conducting a policy that provides an incentive to murder.

The zoom session on the PLO incentive to murder will be held at 7pm Israel time on March 9. Registration: