Sexual assault victim (stock image)
Sexual assault victim (stock image)i-Stock

A 16-year-old girl from northern Israel was sexually assaulted several days ago by a group of young men who took her from her home and drove her to an isolated area outside of the city of Karmiel, police said Tuesday morning.

Police have arrested two suspects in connection with the case, both residents of the Israeli Arab town of Rameh in northern Israel. Investigators are working to identify additional suspects involved in the rape. Some of the suspects being investigated in the case are minors, police said.

The teenage girl, who is classified as being mentally handicapped, was sexually assaulted by multiple perpetrators for a period of hours, police say.

The victim’s family, residents of another village in the Karmiel area, filed a police complaint the same day the incident occurred, after they noticed she was missing for hours.

The two suspects currently in custody are set to be brought before a judge Wednesday for an extension of their remand.