Benny Gantz
Benny Gantz צילום: שמוליק עלמני

Communications Minister Benny Gantz held a series of meetings with the professional echelon in the Communications Ministry and ordered the urgent promotion of all recent staff work.

Gantz said that the moves are necessary because "in a week's time the appointment will expire and the State of Israel will enter a governmental vacuum due to the Prime Minister's refusal to appoint a permanent communications minister."

Among other things, the minister approved the ministry's annual working plan for 2021 and directives for further development of the communications market in Israel, such as improving the quality of cellular coverage, moves to pursue innovation in 5th generation technology, further steps to accelerate fiber optic deployment to expand high-speed internet in the periphery, reforms to reduce regulation in the communications market and encourage competition, and a review of the Postal Law.

Gantz told senior ministry officials, "I will do everything in my power not to abandon the Communications Ministry. Unfortunately so far the prime minister has refused to appoint a permanent minister due to political and personal interests, as part of his intention to abolish the parity government immediately after the election. In light of this, I have issued instructions to promote any initiative that is in the works as quickly as possible in order to minimize the possible harm to the public."