MK Ayoob Kara (Likud) visits Arutz Sheva’s new studio in Jerusalem to discuss the upcoming elections in Israel’s Arab community. Kara is extremely positive about Arab participation in the 24th Knesset elections.

“Of course, the Abraham accords have helped us a lot,” Kara says. “The Arabic sector has had a change of heart, and that makes this election more about the Arab vote than ever. They see that Israel and the Arab powers in the Gulf can help one another, and that means that Arabs hating Israel from within are wrong.”

Kara is quick to point out that the benefits are bilateral. “We have opened the Gulf states to receive Israeli business and tourists,” he points out. “This success has changed the minds of the Arab voters as to what is needed to move forward.”

As much as there is to say about the vision of progress, Kara is careful to point out what needed to get left behind. “The Joint List is harmful to Arab voters,” he accused. “Now, though, people understand not what is good for a cheap politician, but for them. I have confidence that this means a change of allegiance in the Arab sector.”

He finishes with a stern warning against the voter fraud that has been alleged in past elections. “We must be careful that no illegal steps are taken to swing the elections. There are places where families send a single person with hundreds of identities to vote over and over. There must be no stolen or forged ballots if we are to succeed.”