LiAmi Lawrence & Tzvika Graiver, Board Member Anne Pollard & Yossi Graiver
LiAmi Lawrence & Tzvika Graiver, Board Member Anne Pollard & Yossi GraiverKeepOlim

An organization dedicated to aiding Olim (immigrants to Israel) distributed gift boxes to immigrants stuck in a Tel Aviv coronavirus hotel recently, looking to lift the spirits of newly-arrived olim in isolation.

Last week the NGO KeepOlim received distressing calls from newly arrived Olim about the depressing conditions in a coronavirus hotel in Tel Aviv.

The organization provided gift boxes of exotic Israeli grown fruit to all 110 rooms of the hotel with a beautiful letter to welcome these new Olim home to Israel.

Upon arrival, these new Olim were sent to a coronavirus hotel were they are to be quarantine for two weeks in their rooms.

"I was honored and humbled to be part of this heartwarming act of love. We wanted to bring a smile and a warm welcome to our brothers and sisters who are in isolation. And I can relate to them," says KeepOlim Board Member and former Prisoner of Zion Anne Pollard.

"We simply wanted to make our new Olim feel a bit better for their first Shabbat in Israel" adds LiAmi Lawrence co-founder and CEO of KeepOlim". "I am so proud to represent our 43,000 members."

KeepOlim also provides free counseling services from our volunteer experienced Olim therapists to all Olim in the coronavirus hotels who are in need of support.