Syrian-Israeli border
Syrian-Israeli border Basel Awidat/Flash 90

The State Attorney's Office today (Sunday) filed an indictment against the young Israeli woman who crossed the border into Syria and was returned to Israel through Russian mediation.

According to foreign publications, the Israeli was returned in exchange for the purchase of vaccines by Israel for the Assad regime. All details of the deal remain under embargo.

Defense attorney Anat Yaari and Iyad Azzam of the Public Defender's Office said, "Unlike past cases in which there was a violation of state security, yet no indictment was filed against people who crossed the border, in this case it is clear to all that the young woman did not harm and had no intention of harming state security."

"It is therefore incomprehensible that an indictment should be filed against a young woman without a criminal record and a complex personal background. We will need to consider the evidence further before we decide whether or not to petition for the case to be dismissed.

The IDF’s investigation of the young woman's passage to Syria revealed that the young woman touched an electronic fence that alerted the forces stationed on the Syrian border that someon was in contact with the fence, but the soldiers did not manage to reach the area fast enough to prevent her crossing the border.

The young woman arrived in the Majdal Shams area to cross the border. It was obvious that she knew the place well and had toured it in the past. She crossed a goat trail on Mount Hermon and reached an old fence on the mountain in a place not covered by IDF radar.

Towards midnight she climbed the fence and entered Syria.

The interrogation, which was presented to the commander of the Northern Command, Major General Amir Baram, determined that then soldiers on duty at the time were not at fault for not preventing her crossing the border. Sigificant steps have been taken to reinforce the security measures in that area.