Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'arOded Karni

New Hope chairman Gideon Sa’ar attacked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in an interview with Channel 12 News on Saturday night, claiming that Netanyahu is being blackmailed by the haredi parties.

"The haredi parties forced paralysis," Sa’ar said in an interview. "They are trying to bend the arm of the political system. Netanyahu is afraid to make decisions, he is afraid." When asked if Netanyahu was blackmailed by the haredi parties, he replied, "Unequivocally. Since the most important thing for Netanyahu is to hold on to power, then he must give everything [they ask for]. That is why he did not make a decision on the issue of conversion."

Asked about the Supreme Court's ruling permitting Reform and Conservative conversions, Sa’ar said, "We are in favor of adopting an outline that also gives a voice to conversion in streams in the United States. A solution will be put together. I am in favor of giving every public what it deserves but not working in the service of certain parties."

On Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett’s economic plan, he said, "The plan is unrealistic. It is unrealistic to freeze social services at this time. We will appoint a professional finance minister and we will implement a reform, digitize all public service, fight bureaucracy and carry out a realistic plan."

The Yamina party said in response to Sa’ar's remarks, "Despite Sa’ar's commitment to cease fire, Sa’ar's party of defectors continues the defamation campaign. Israel does not need any more Sa’ar-style public activity."