Restaurant (illustrative)
Restaurant (illustrative)iStock

Israel's Health Ministry has caved to pressure from restaurant owners, a report said.

On Sunday, Israel will reopen restaurants, event halls, stadiums, and other public venues, mostly for those who have proof either of recovery from coronavirus or immunization against it.

According to News 13, the Health Ministry has rescinded the change it made with regards to the number of customers allowed in restaurants, cafes, hotel dining halls, and event halls, due to pressure from restaurant owners, and the limit will therefore be two meters between tables.

At first, restaurant owners insisted on just 1.5 meters between tables indoors, and the Health Ministry demanded two meters. On Saturday morning, the restaurant owners discovered that in the drafts prepared for the Saturday night telephone vote, 2.5 meters were required between tables.

According to them, such a distance between tables will reduce maximum capacity to just 30% and it will no longer be economically worthwhile for them to reopen.