Former Defense Minister and Yamina chairman MK Naftali Bennett was interviewed last night on the Russian news station RT about the decision of the International Criminal Court to open an investigation against Israel for alleged war crimes.

Bennett defended Israel's position and attacked the court's decision. "This is a perversion of justice and of basic morals. When one side attacks another, the second side has the right of self-defense."

He noted that the scope of the investigation omitted the murder of three Israeli teenagers, the act which sparked the violence of the summer of 2014, by a single day. "On June 12, 2014, Hamas kidnapped three young Israeli boys and murdered them. On June 13, Israel began to retaliate. So the ICC decided to start the investigation that very day but 'forgot' to take the same steps the day of the kidnapping. That's sort of like being mugged on the street and having the police break up the fight once the person being mugged starts fighting back."

"This is a profound distortion of any form of justice. It's a sham, and we're not going to give up or tie our hands while defending ourselves," he declared.

"The court is not a court," he said "I call it the International Circus of Clowns. These folks have no basic premise of right and wrong. There's no basis for even thinking about doing this .. I fought in quite a few wars defending my family. Hamas shoots rockets at Israelis from within hospitals, homes, and schools. And then when we want to fight back, the ICC tells us that we're immoral. We're not going to play this game. Jews are no longer going deem themselves helpless in the face of murderers. That's not going to happen."

Bennett said he does not fear being brought before the ICC himself. "I don't fear anything. I am defending my own country. We've got this small country called Israel that's a tower of democracy, a tower of liberty, among the worst terror regimes in the world. This ICC didn't even think of accusing ISIS of crimes. They said, 'On no, we can't do that.' But Israel is a democracy, with almost two million Arabs that enjoy full equal rights, so we're the villains. I don't buy this. Jews have suffered from anti-Semitism for thousands of years. We're not going to put up with this. The difference is that now we can defend ourselves."