Police enforcement
Police enforcementYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Rabbi Mordechai Bistritsky, rabbi of the Chabad community in Tzfat, sent a letter to members of his community, clarifying that the authorities should be involved if someone violates quarantine.

In his letter, Rabbi Bistritsky warned against sending children to school if a they or a family member is required to quarantine.

"A family in which one of the family members has contracted coronavirus should not send its children to educational institutions," he wrote.

"A family in which one of the family members is required to quarantine, and is not quarantined in a room alone but rather is doing 'family quarantine,' should not send its children to schools. Anyone who sends his children despite the above should know that he is liable to endanger the life of someone else."

Rabbi Bistritsky concluded his letter with the recommendation to involve the police if it is discovered that someone violated quarantine and endangered the other children in a school.

"Anyone who knows of such a person should turn to the police. The police will investigate and if the complaint is in fact correct, it will handle the person who is endangering the public," he wrote.