GantzFlash 90

Defense Minister Benny Gantz informed the prime minister that he was not prepared to continue the cabinet meeting that had been going on since noon.

"The meeting ceased to be a government meeting and became a Yisrael Katz slam-fest. This is a clash with government officials; when you want to resume a discussion - call," Gantz clarified before he and his party ministers left the meeting.

Before that, during the meeting, Minister Ganz and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu confronted each other on a recording whose content was brought on Galei Tzahal.

Gantz was furious at Netanyahu's attempt to advance the economic benefits program. "Do you understand that the decision is talking about businesses worth NIS 400 million and not small businesses? A state budget would have solved that anyway and we are always ready to discuss substance."

Netanyahu replied, "We've been trying for months."

Gantz was not convinced. "The clauses were not agreed on Wednesday, only last night the cabinet secretary passed the proposals."

Netanyahu claimed, "There is a block here on small businesses."

Gantz replied, "There's no block here, all the money for the small businesses should have been disbursed and the treasury did not transfer it."