The Yamina Party today launched a new campaign aimed at the undecided and voters of the Economic Party, led by Yaron Zelicha.

In a video published by the party's chairman and prime ministerial candidate, Naftali Bennett, Bennett addressed the Economic Party voters and explains that Zelicha does not pass the electoral threshold, so voting Yamina is the way to implement the principles of strengthening competition, lowering taxes, and streamlining public service.

Bennett said, "Shalom to all the good citizens who are considering voting for Zelicha's Economic Party. I understand you very much, you are frustrated by the poor service in the country and the difficulty in existing here.

"The problem is that he (Zelicha) does not pass the electoral threshold, there's no debate about that, your votes are wasted. I ask that I be your representative. You support us so that we create competition here, create excellent government service, lower taxes.

"I promise you, give us the power, vote Yamina with the Hebrew letter 'Bet', and we will be your representatives in the Knesset," Bennett concluded.

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