Firebomb in the yard of a home
Firebomb in the yard of a home Hilleli Amir

Four firebombs and a pipe bomb were thrown by terrorists at the western neighborhood of Beit El on Sunday evening. One of the firebombs exploded a few meters from a residence, but no damage was done.

Residents of the neighborhood see the incident as part of a series of similar incidents that have taken place in recent weeks. On Saturday, two firebombs were thrown at houses in the neighborhood, apparently from a passing Palestinian Arab vehicle. A few days earlier, a pipe bomb had been thrown at another house in the neighborhood.

These incidents miraculously ended without injuries even though the explosives and firebombs hit very close to homes during hours when residents are normally in their homes and some are sleeping.

The residents of the neighborhood are once again warning of what they describe as complete helplessness in the face of a recurring phenomenon that could claim casualties in both property and lives.

The IDF responded and said that "any such incident receives full serious attention at the highest levels that reach the area as part of the steps that will eventually lead to the capture of the perpetrators."

An IDF source said that the IDF will continue to "act to close the circle in order to prevent future incidents and strengthen deterrence. We are working throughout the region and not just in Beit El to prevent throwing of rocks, firebombs and explosives. Some activities are secret and some are open."

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