Megillah reading in Tel Aviv
Megillah reading in Tel Avivצילום: ראש יהודי, ישראל זעירא

Channel 13 reports that due to large-scale violations of the guidelines over Purim, several of the proposed leniencies in public health guidelines have been postponed.

The Ministry of Health has also announced that those who have recovered from COVID-19 may be vaccinated with a single dose to avoid wasting surplus vaccines. A more orderly set of policies for recovering patients is expected to be released soon.

Health Ministry Director General Hezi Levy is expected to order all healthcare workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Health care workers are already among the few careers required to present proof of vaccination for any disease. Under the new regulations, workers who refuse coronavirus vaccines could legally be furloughed.

This morning, the Ministry of Health reported that there has been an increase in the coefficient of infection and it now stands at 0.99.

In addition, 1,429 new infections were diagnosed in Israel yesterday, thus increasing the number of people infected with the virus from the outbreak of the plague to 774,479 people. 40,108 patients are currently ill, of whom 776 are in critical condition, and 241 are connected to respirators. The death toll stands at 5,738. 24,291 tests were performed yesterday - 4.0% of which were positive. 1,278 of those infected are hospitalized in the various hospitals, and a total of 993 doctors and staff are in isolation. Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign continues to progress, with 4.6 million people vaccinated in the first dose so far, of which over 3.2 million have also received the second dose.