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The Minister of Economy and Industry, Amir Peretz, approved an amendment that changes the appearance of the sign at playgrounds indicating that adult supervision is required, such that the sign is non-gendered.

The said change will take effect 60 days after its publication in Reshumot, the official record of Israeli laws. A transition period of 6 months from the effectivity date was also set, during which the manufacturers of the facilities or their owners will be able to use the signs according to both the old standard and the updated standard.

At the end of the transition period, all new facilities will be required to place a sign with gender-neutral figures.

Minister Peretz explained, "Our language defines reality and it can also change it. Our new discourse with balanced symbolism can lead to a variety of types of parenting and gender equality, through which we can begin to see the change."

In the coming days, Peretz will ask the heads of local authorities to act to replace the signs in the existing facilities, even if this replacement is not required by the standard immediately.

Also, after the publication of the standard in Reshumot, the Regulatory Commissioner intends to address a letter of clarification to the approved laboratories and the Federation of Local Authorities, that from the moment the amendment takes effect, anyone who has to replace the existing signs due to damage or wear will be required to act according to the protocol in effect at the time of replacement.

Appearance of the current sign (Credit: Spokesperson)

Appearance of the new sign (Credit: Spokesperson)