US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken State Department Photo by Ron Przysucha

Is it anti-Semitic to promote a two-state solution?

The calls for a two-state solution are already coming in fast and furious. No surprise, with Biden now in the White House, but disturbing just the same.

The news media got it started, read here, and on cue comes Secretary of State Antony Blinken to say that only through a two-state solution can Israel have peace and security.

Guess he is not up on the latest.

Because it has seldom been as peaceful and secure as it is today, since the Palestinian Arabs were marginalized, and the Abraham Accords were signed happily without them.

So the Arab-Israeli conflict is no more as it was, but rather reduced mostly to Palestinian Arabs in active conflict, on their relentless terror campaign against the Jewish State.

They had no say when sitting at the table with Israel were the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, as proof that even among other Arabs the dawning arrived that the Palestinian Arabs were never the solution, but always the problem. Apparently, that is not good enough, or maybe too good, for people who can’t stand the thought that Israel is moving along nicely as is.

These are people who pretend to know what’s best, but are bothered by the fact that Israel exists, period. There is a word for them…anti-Semites.

It sounds to me like the N-word sounds to a black person. It registers the same feel of disrespect, animosity, and hatred without cause.
They focus on Israel as if it is any of their business, and won’t leave it alone whether it’s an entire political party, the Democrats, or some two-bit comedian spewing Jew-hatred on SNL.

Happiness to them, persons like Blinken and his predecessor Kerry, is a Jewish State that becomes less and less Jewish and more and more Palestinian Arab.

Also radioed-in to the same frequency are types like Roger Waters and Peter Beinart.

That’ll teach those Israelis to imagine they are home at last in the land of their Biblical fathers.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, we seldom heard that refrain…two-state-solution…and a relief it was. It was a pleasure to have it gone like a bad tooth.

Now it’s back in style because all the anti-Semites are back in style.

I don’t use that term lightly.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, that phrase…two-state solution…gives me the creeps and a case of the willies.

It sounds to me like the N-word sounds to a black person. It registers the same feel of disrespect, animosity, and hatred without cause.

It says that Jews…Israelis…are only half a people, and thus deserve only half a country.

That is pure racism.

It says that the Israelis are usurpers, only renting, while the Palestinian Arabs are the true owners.

That is pure bigotry.

It says that if the Jews wish to stay, they must do so as beggars, and so must give up Jerusalem to the Palestinian Arabs.

It says that the Jews may not thrive or expand the land until permission is granted from the United States…and the world.

It says that the Jews must always be ready to cut the heart out of their own land in order to implant a Palestinian state.

It says that the Jews must always be ready to be uprooted, as per Gaza, whenever the world says, do as we say.

It says that after 2,000 years of being scattered, and finally reaching their destination, the Jews ought to “go back where they came from” (which happens to be Israel).

It says that Jews are not masters of their own destiny.

All of that is pure anti-Semitism, and it is what I hear when I hear two-state solution, and it is my view that persons who use that term ought to be branded and shamed as anti-Semites.

That would be in keeping with the mood of our times, a time when people are so quick to express their sensitities, except for Jews, who do not get to scream when they hurt.

Time to turn it on them.

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