Tibi and Netanyahu
Tibi and NetanyahuFlash 90

MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint List) on Saturday urged Arab voters to thoroughly study the candidates who are running for the Knesset before casting their ballots, and called on them to vote in accordance with the parliamentary work the candidates have done and the influence those candidates have.

Speaking in an interview with Hala TV, Tibi said that the Joint List has ruled out the possibility of cooperating with the Likud party led by Binyamin Netanyahu, emphasizing that it "will not be in the pocket of the executioner."

"The identification with the oppressor is wrong, not only in politics, but also socially, personally and civically," he added.

"The fact that Binyamin Netanyahu smiles at the Arabs and tells them to vote for Abu Yair does not cover the fact that he is the same Binyamin Netanyahu who is behind the Nationality Law and the demolition of houses. Who said that if there is a Prime Minister, one should automatically sit next to him at the cabinet table?" said Tibi.