Amb. Dan Shapiro speaks with Arutz Sheva
Amb. Dan Shapiro speaks with Arutz ShevaYoni Kempinski

Dan Shapiro, former US Ambassador to Israel, discussed the Iranian threat at a conference held at Tel Aviv University, and said that the Biden administration would seek a renewed agreement with Iran in order to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Shapiro, a researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, said that "President Biden has no illusions about the nature of the Iranian regime or its danger to Israel and the region. Iran is approaching a tipping point and this is a dangerous situation that Biden has to deal with."

"To ensure that Iran never acquires nuclear weapons and to deal with its regional aggressiveness, the United States must mobilize a broad international coalition, or at least the cooperation of its European allies, to balance Russia and China."

Shapiro, who may be re-appointed US ambassador to Israel, said: "President Biden understands that the nuclear deal was never the end of nuclear diplomacy, but its beginning. The vision is a broad agreement that will ensure that Iran never acquires nuclear weapons.

"Israel can be a partner in the process of creating US policy. As long as there is a willingness to engage in close consultation as it has been in the past. The Biden administration and its advisers are ready to hear and receive the intelligence, analysis and knowledge of the Israeli side," he added.