IDF soldiers during an arrest operation
IDF soldiers during an arrest operationIDF spokesperson

IDF soldiers arrested several Arabs this week, on suspicion that they hurled firebombs and explosives at the Jewish town of Beit El.

Nearly two weeks ago, several suspects were identified as having thrown firebombs and explosives at the town. IDF soldiers who conducted a planned ambush in the area identified the suspects and fired at them. No injuries were reported.

On Tuesday this week, thanks to intelligence information collected by the Binyamin Brigade, IDF soldiers in the "Haruv" commando unit arrested those suspected of hurling explosives and firebombs at the town, during a secret arrest operation in the Jalazone "refugee camp" near Beit El.

The suspects have been transferred for continued interrogation by security forces.

Soldiers from the Kfir Brigade's commando unit have been conducting operational activities in the Binyamin Brigade's region for approximately two months, and each night they conduct a large number of open and secret operations to foil terror in the area, with the goal of ensuring quiet in the region and protecting the residents' safety.