Eliran Malul arrives in court
Eliran Malul arrives in courtYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Eliran Malul, who is accused of murdering his wife Michal Selah in October 2019, said that his wife "saw a pretty woman on my phone, so she said I'm not allowed to go there anymore. She saw that I received security, so she said that I can't see my daughter, that we should get divorced."

During his Wednesday morning testimony, his first since Selah's death, he said: "When I told Michal, 'Thank you, my wife' during kiddush (part of the Sabbath meal - ed.), she screamed at me, 'Don't call me your wife.' She had no shame or mercy."

He added: "I came home to a messy house, I took my daughter to shower, and she felt great in the water. But Michal came and told me to clean the house. She abused me and pushed me, and I just ignored it. In the afternoon, I saw my schedule and I saw that I had something to do. She said, 'You're not taking the car.' I offered to drive her, but she started hitting me. It was bad."

"She found a paper in the living room, on which I had written the details of some meeting. She saw it and got annoyed. I asked her, 'Enough, how much more can I take?' and she said, 'You're nothing. You're nothing.' She stabbed me in the back with the knife a few times. My whole body started shaking, I was cold, I don't know how to explain it. One of the times she stabbed me, the knife remained stuck in my body.

"I went to the shower and I told her, 'I'm fainting, call Magen David Adom (MDA).' She said, 'You deserve it, you deserve it, you're not wanted alive.' I told her to bring me water, to take out the knife, I was bleeding a lot. She wrapped me in a sheet, I drank alcohol and started to faint. When I woke up she said, 'You deserve it.' I drank and I drank. I fainted and I woke up and I saw the whole house covered in blood. Michal was dead on the floor, it' so sad and so horrible, I'm asking myself why didn't I raise a hand to her? We could have divorced and I wouldn't be in this horrible situation right now...the floor was awful."

News 12 reported that after Malul gave testimony, the prosecution claimed that it could not be that Selah had stabbed Malul as he claimed, since the stab wounds that he was describing could not have been done by someone left-handed, as Michal was.

Turning to Malul, the prosecution said, "You said you were full of blood, that the knife was stuck in your body. Why didn't you call MDA?" Malul responded that Selah had hidden the phones, and therefore he could not call for help.

The prosecution also said that Malul claimed they both drank alcohol, but there was no evidence of alcohol in Selah's blood. At this point, the defense noted that the test was not admissible, to which the prosecution responded that only Malul's DNA had been found on the bottles.

Continuing to press Malul, the prosecution asked him why, if things were so bad and Selah humiliated him as he said she did, why did he not leave? Malul skirted the question, and in his responses to the prosecution repeated over and over that he does not remember exact dates.

After the hearing, Selah's sister, Orit, told News 12, "I know Michal, my little sister. Michal wanted to end this nicely; to hear him describe the events today was very difficult. Michal asked him to help Liran get accepted to college. He has no shame."

"I want Eliran Malul to rot in prison. He shouldn't get a third of his sentence erased. A snake entered our home. You know how he won over Michal. He plays games, he's going to be the champion of the prison, he's a pathological liar."