Bennett and Shaked
Bennett and Shaked Yossi Zeliger/Flash 90

The Jewish Home Party on Wednesday evening held a Zoom meeting led by party chairwoman Hagit Moshe with the leaders of the Yamina party, MK Naftali Bennett and MK Ayelet Shaked.

Moshe opened the meeting and said, "We are all gathering together, all the members of the Central Committee. It is important for me that we look ahead. We want a Jewish Home and we will do everything to have a strong Jewish Home."

Shaked explained, "We have three and a half weeks to succeed in the election. Every election is challenging. These elections are a bit different. We have the opportunity to be an influential party and determine what the next government will look like. We must not reach a fifth election and we must ensure that a stable and functioning government is formed. We must bring all of religious Zionism to support us. "

"I do not intend to get into questions about [Bezalel] Smotrich and what happened. We invest a lot when it comes to religious Zionism and the split should not have happened. We should have and wanted to continue with Bezalel and the Jewish Home but Bezalel did not want that and that is the reality. We must not look back and not be confused - we are religious Zionism."

"We are trying to bring in as many Likud members as possible. We think that this time Netanyahu will not take votes from us but rather we will take votes from him. There are two Likud seats that want to move to Yamina and we are doing everything we can to get them to move to us," Shaked concluded.

Bennett spoke about the importance of the alliance between Jewish Home and Yamina. "The historical representation of the National Religious Party-Jewish Home is of great importance. We already thought everything was closed and that you are running with Smotrich. We got involved in the situation and did everything to make sure the historical NRP will continue. Hagit will be a minister in the government we will form. Yamina is the home of religious Zionism and the home of the people of Israel. Yamina is also a mosaic of all the people of Israel."

"I see us first and foremost caring for the people of Israel, ensuring people have bread but also looking out for the preservation of the people of Israel and the Torah," he added.

Asked about a possible coalition with Lapid, Meretz and Labor, Bennett replied, "Netanyahu is the one who went with Mansour Abbas. Netanyahu is the one who went with Barak, Netanyahu is the one who went with Nissenkorn. Netanyahu is the one who threw away religious Zionism. We will form a national government. We will not go with any party that Netanyahu would not go with. We do not rule out Zionist parties that will take part in our government."

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