Esther Horgen
Esther HorgenCourtesy of the family

On today's Israel Uncensored with Josh Hasten, an interview with Binyamin Horgen, whose wife Esther was murdered by an Arab terrorist this past December, while jogging near their Tel Menashe, Samaria home.

Horgen has spent his time since her murder keeping Esther's memory and legacy alive, by spreading her lifelong messages of hope and love.

Also, a special Purim Megillah featuring Esther's artwork has just been published and is available for purchase and for use on the holiday.

At the same time, Binyamin is taking a very active role in the advocacy field, speaking to diplomats from may countries, especially EU nations, to explain how their funding for the PA under the guise of "humanitarian aid" is in actuality being diverted towards their "pay for slay" program, which rewards terrorists (and their families) for the murder of Israelis.

Megilla in Esther Horgen's memory
Megilla in Esther Horgen's memoryThe Israel Bible