El Al plane
El Al planeFlash 90

Passengers of an El Al rescue flight were asked to enter isolation after it became clear that 11 passengers had allegedly forged certificates that they had undergone coronavirus tests.

"They did what they wanted. They did not wear masks for many hours, stood close to our seats praying or having conversations and no one did anything," said one passenger in a conversation with Mako. "We turned to the flight attendants' staff, we asked them to make sure they wore masks, but they reassured us that everything was fine and that we were just panicking."

In the last few hours, the Ministry of Health has involved the Home Front Command and the GSS in an attempt to determine whether the passengers were indeed carrying forged tests.

El Al responded: "All flights operated by the company are carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the various authorities. El Al is careful to maintain the health of passengers and all crews on the ground and in the air. El Al is currently developing a concept of 'safe flight' in which tests will be performed before, during, and after boarding flights. The passengers' claims were forwarded to the operational authorities and we are investigating their allegations with the flight crew and local police."