RegevIsrael Conference 2030

Transport Minister Miri Regev (Likud) today spoke about the warming of relations between the Likud and the Arab population in Israel, and mentioned that the Netanyahu government cared for the Arab sector in many respects.

In an interview with the Ynet website, Regev said: "We have nothing against Arab society - we have a problem with the Joint Arab List not believing in the State of Israel and inciting and ignoring terror. We always vote in favor of disqualifying the Joint Arab List, the Supreme Court disqualifies them, and then they campaign despite us.

"This time we decided it will be different," the Minister explained. "We are going to Israeli Arabs who know that the only ones who have been caring for them for the past ten years are the Likud. Who brought NIS15 billion, who brought police stations? The Arab public knows today, and there is disillusionment, that the Likud is their home. The person who brought four peace agreements is Prime Minister Netanyahu.

According to her, "Sa'ar and Bennett are unable to form a government without Lapid and the Joint Arab List. Lapid announced he's going with the Joint Arab List. Sa'ar's party is the one to which all refugees from other parties have moved.

"If Bennett and Sa'ar do not have a government without Lapid, and Lapid says he will rely on the Joint Arab List, then what does that mean? That Bennett and Sa'ar will go with Lapid and the Joint Arab List. Sa'ar fails, Bennett fails."

Against the backdrop of the video storm between Bennett and Smotrich, Regev said that "The union between Ben Gvir and Smotrich is proper, so as not to lose votes on the Right. I say bluntly - Ben Gvir is part of religious Zionism, he is part of Smotrich's party, and he will be part of the coalition."