Evacuating a coronavirus patient (illustrative)
Evacuating a coronavirus patient (illustrative) David Cohen/Flash90

Oren Sa'adon, the uncle of Osnat Ben Shitrit, the 32-year-old expectant mother who died on Sunday together with her fetus, spoke about the tragedy, emphasizing that it could have been prevented.

"She was the lion of the house," Sa'adon told 103 FM Radio, explaining that it all started when Osnat began feeling unwell two weeks ago: "It was two weeks that felt like eternity."

In a choked voice, he spoke of the pain of Ben Shitrit's four young orphans, who miss their mother deeply: "You hear my tears - you don't need to hear my tears, you need to hear the tears of her children, little children who are crying, 'Daddy, I miss Mommy.'"

"I want all those clowns, all those prattlers who say not to get vaccinated - I want them to look these children in the eyes, and to provide them with answers, to tell them why people shouldn't vaccinate. If she would've been vaccinated, none of this would have happened," Sa'adon emphasized.

"She didn't want to go to the hospital, she told her sister, 'In another week I'll be back on my feet.'"

Sa'adon related that Ben Shitrit began feeling unwell two weeks ago, and at first did not realize that she had contracted coronavirus. At some point, she did a test and understood that she had coronavirus. When she began experiencing respiratory distress, she was taken to the hospital.

"I despise all those who say not to get vaccinated... I did not know that she didn't get vaccinated, if I would have known that she didn't get the vaccine, I would have driven her crazy to get vaccinated," he said, adding that she had fallen prey to social media messages convincing people not to vaccinate."

Osnat's husband, Yehuda, did get vaccinated, he added.

Turning to pregnant women around Israel, he said: "Friends, friends, if you want to be like us, to join our family - then please, don't get vaccinated. You want to join our second family, who have long lives, good lives, who go to celebrations, who don't wake up in the morning with tears in their eyes and don't sleep with tears - so come, it's your lives."

"She's hardly started her life. I don't want to say anything. The facts speak for themselves."