Stolen car used in the break-in
Stolen car used in the break-in צילום: דוברות המשטרה

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with the break-in at an Israeli Air Force Base in the south nearly two weeks ago, police reported Sunday evening.

The three suspects include two Israeli Arabs and one Palestinian Authority resident from the Hebron district.

The suspects, who include a taxi driver from Dimona, a resident of the Bedouin town of Ar’ara an-Naqab, and a resident of the Hebron district, worked together to steal a car from the southern Israeli city of Dimona on Monday, February 8th.

A company which works to locate stolen vehicles later found the car near the Nevatim Air Force Base.

One suspect who realized he was being pursued while driving the stolen vehicle tried to evade authorities, driving wildly, and eventually breaking into the Nevatim airbase. After breaking onto the compound, the suspect fled on foot, abandoning the stolen car.

Police forces, aided by the IDF, carried out searches in the area.

A joint investigation team managed to identify the three suspects, including a 20-year-old Palestinian Authority resident from the town Dahariya who was illegally living in Israel.

The three suspects had planned to smuggle the stolen car into a Palestinian Authority-controlled area in Judea, authorities say, with the Dimona taxi driver escorting the stolen vehicle.

Police transferred the three suspects for interrogation. The three are set to be brought before a judge in Beer Sheva on Monday for an extension of their remand.

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