Deri Moshe Biton

Shas Chairman and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri on Thursday decided that only those who recovered from COVID-19 or who received the shot would serve as secretary or supervisor at the polls on behalf of the Shas party on election day.

In a statement sent by the movement's director, Haim Biton, to the movement's representatives, Biton wrote: "According to the movement's chairman, Minister Aryeh Deri. officials on election day or at polling stations who are not vaccinated or recovering should not be included."

"For your information, anyone who rushes to get vaccinated immediately will be able to get both vaccines before election day and will be able to fill these positions," Biton added.

The Shas faction currently has over 8,000 polling station workers across the country on Election Day. Minister Deri called on the other parties to make a clear statement that they, too, will not employ people without a recovery or vaccination certificate.

The Shas party stated: "Following the unequivocal determination of the leaders of the Shas Council of Torah Sages, headed by the president of the council, Hakham Shalom Cohen, who called for going out and getting vaccinated, Shas shows the importance of the matter and is not willing to compromise in the context of vaccines. [The Torah commandment,] 'And you must greatly guard your lives,' is more important than anything else, especially during this period."

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