Former New York State Assemblyman and founder of Americans Against Anti-Semitism Dov Hikind released a video Wednesday in which he lambasts US President Joe Biden for continuing to push off calling Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu despite having been in office for nearly a month.

"President Biden has called the leaders of many countries throughout the world, but he has left one person off the list, and that is the prime minister of the State of Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. And the reason is a very, very clear one: Biden is following the same policies that two previous Democratic presidents followed where they intervened in the elections in Israel," Hikind says.

"One of them was Bill Clinton in 1996, who got involved and did everything he could do to undermine Netanyahu when he ran against Shimon Peres. And then Obama did the same thing in 2015. These two Democratic presidents got involved, interfered in a democracy to determine the results and to make sure that Netanyahu would be defeated.

"America doesn't do that to any country in the world. We don't get involved in Canada, Germany, England, or any other country in the world. Why do we do it with Israel, a country that is threatened by so many of its neighbors, some who openly say they want to destroy the State of Israel?" he asks.

"So Biden is following those footsteps. Is there any doubt? He wants to make sure that Netanyahu does not get elected again the prime minister of Israel, regardless of what the people of Israel want, regardless of them voting for Netanyahu again," he declares. "Biden wants Netanyahu to lose, and therefore is doing everything in the world to avoid making that phone call."

"But Biden talked about doing the right thing, and the right thing is to call an ally of the United States, and the State of Israel is one of the great allies of this country. So I hope that our president will keep his commitment and do the right thing," he says. "Just call Netanyahu and say hello