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The late Andrew Breitbart perceived himself as an accidental warrior when he warned Patriotic Americans that “Politics is downstream of Culture” (see prescient 2009 interview) even as some have argued the inverse. Either admonition defines how to mobilize the 75,000,000 Americans who voted for President Trump.

The Founders Fathers rejected subjugation when issuing the Declaration of Independence and the Framers composed a Constitution born of the Enlightenment; these documents embodied how the Judeo-Christian ethic would govern the New World colonies.

Flash forward to recognizing how events on both sides of the Atlantic have informed each other during the past half-decade, now climaxing with the British having reclaimed their sovereign borders through Brexit as Trump completed the strategic 450 miles of the southern border wall celebrated at Alamo, Texas.

Steve Hilton’s “Positive Populism,” animating his weekly broadcasts, has shown how his experiences have translated an attractive philosophy into a potent policy; yet, even he has not voiced a remedy to this global threat.

Quo Vadis?

American culture can be reborn through creation of a new political party, just as how Whigs begat Republicans after they had been exposed as Democrat-Lites.

The pivotal determinant for this popular revolution is that the GOP’s pervasive corruption has been manifest at all levels (federal, state, local) as it lamely pursues procedures that perpetuate its archaic policies; it is now wedded to an out-of-touch platform, corrupted elected officials, and dead-wood committee-people.

Trump-supporting Republicans can rattle off examples of profound dismay after having failed to effect change “from the inside”; thus, grassroot leadership of a new party must be assembled from the ashes of the old.

It matters not that RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel and her unelected colleagues have privately praised Trump—reportedly—because McConnell and his elected GOP leaders have publicly attacked him.

In this 50-50 America, impetus for a new conservative political party is reinforced when GOP leaders despise their voters; that it appears no one else has yet raised this prospect doesn’t render it tangential.

Trumpsters are livid that, during the past two months, airing election fraud accusations has been blocked in the courts (without assessing the merits), in the GOP-controlled state legislatures (even when their statutes have been violated), in Congress (after a meaningless Senate hearing and during the House impeachment “debate”), and even by Vice President Pence.

Starting immediately after the election, we projected Trump’s campaign would follow a Study Guide and how it had been Handicapped, triggering him to orient litigation toward the Supreme Court (in essays published in Israel); merely accepting Pennsylvania cases would be seismic.

These prior essays posited that Trump laser-focused his litigation strategy on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), but we and he did not predict its resolute inaction—despite its “conservative” majority—both when rejecting two docketed cases (Pennsylvania and Texas) and when ignoring a backlog of time-sensitive Writs of Certiorari (from Republicans and from private litigants such as Sidney Powell).

The Challenge

A coalition of organizations and people must be mobilized methodically if a new political entity is to attract Trump’s imprimatur. Because he cannot now “Keep America Great” as president, Trump and his supporters still want to “Make America Great Again” while anticipating the need to oppose Biden’s anti-freedom statism.

Quality national guidance can be drawn from personages such as Matthew Whittaker (justice), Ric Grenell (intelligence), John Eastman (constitution), Victor Davis Hanson (history), Devin Nunes (ethics), Ted Cruz (foreign policy) and Anthony Schaffer (military); one such effort is apparently afoot in Arizona.

Heartfelt loco-regional direction can invoke the well-networked Tea Party Patriots (TPP)—the key survivor of the revolt against Obama—that celebrated its 10th Anniversary last year by lambasting socialism on the D.C. Mall; TPP’s mission can be invoked, emphasizing that adherence to the “America First” Constitution begets economic/personal freedom and fiscal responsibility.

De-emphasized would be divisive social and foreign policies, the former because they aren’t voter priorities and the latter because of the uncanny linkage of never-Trumpers and neo-cons; how Trump handled both would metaphorically apply to others.

Trump handled abortion by consistently promoting his being pro-Life based on bedrock faith while recognizing scientific uncertainty; this was easily contrasted with Democrats’ pro-Choice absolutism that endorsed infanticide and opposed defunding for-profit fetal dismemberment by Planned Parenthood.

As in other contexts, Trump applied the Talmudic definition of wisdom: "Who is wise? he who foresees the consequences” - Ethics of the Fathes.).

Similarly, Trump integrated his strategic anti-globalism doctrine with cogent actions against the tentacles of China, Iran and Russia; challenging assumptions across the world has upgraded the Pax Americana of the 1950s.

He succeeded in fundamentally altering Middle East paradigms—in particular, regarding Israel and its Arab neighbors, but did not support the Kurds against Turkey as he wanted to bring our soldiers home.

The Logistics - overcoming the censoring media

Nigel Farage’s strategic decision to create a Brexit Party persistently pressured P.M. Boris Johnson after having facilitated his election by running Parliamentary candidates in regions that predictably avoided undermining the Conservative Party; in America, a comparable approach would be necessary based upon each state’s laws.

This illustrates a key impediment to national implementation of this concept, starting with this year’s local elections, namely, that the United States—unlike Great Britain and Israel—employs fixed terms of office and state-level statutes vary; thus, savvy strategists using secure communications would have to be identified before door-to-door canvassing were to be initiated.

Communications apparently can be maintained through whichever non-censored Internet platforms survive the Cancel Culture purge (Parler, Revolver, Rumble, CloutHub, Discord, Telegram, Signal, MeWe, Minds, Gab); and primary news sourcing can be reliably and efficiently acquired (Breitbart, Newsmax, America’s Voice, One America News, Right Side Broadcasting).

Podcasts can be monitored (Bannon, Attkisson, Bongino) and journalistic remnants of the Fox News identity crisis can be consulted (Bartiromo, Gutfeld, Dobbs); a non-censored search engine can be employed (DuckDuckGo, Gibiru) and hyperlink aggregators can be invoked (Populist Press, Citizen Free Press).

Enlightened opinions can be accrued domestically (RedState, Hudson, Spectator, National Pulse, Ace of Spades, Front Page Magazine, Powerline, Legal Insurrection, Geller Report, The Epoch Times, Just The News) and overseas (Arutz Sheva, Daily Mail, Gordon Chang, Michael Pillsbury); through it all, social media uploads must include distilled action-items that resonate with independent voters.

Progressives want to extinguish Trumpism, as manifest when this author, and hundreds others, have been suddenly de-platformed (Facebook, Times of Israel, Medium, Twitter)) due to citation of banned hyperlink sourcing; the situation is fluid, so those who don’t migrate elsewhere must carefully phrase their public postings.

Contrariwise, when monitoring this virtual national cold war, predictable dicta emanating from Trump-haters can be safely ignored, as they palpably presage reconstructing an “establishment” GOP by expunging The Donald; McConnell is probably cozying-up to Schumer so that he can partake of upcoming earmarks.

The intensity of this daunting task will be enhanced by incessant communiqués by globalists who will predictably tout what appears to have been the false-flag Capitol Hill invasion as what populism might portend, reminiscent of how the Reichstag Fire presaged the” Night of the Long Knives”; long ago, the Democrats violated Godwin’s Law with impunity, so it’s apt to provide counter-messaging regarding how the Nazis burned books as a result, presaging today’s Cancel Culture.

The key fallacy in the attacks against Trump is that his critics illogically link two events - Trump's speech which called for a "peaceful" march and the Capitol riots - while being unable to prove causation; an assault on speech freedom cannot be justified by guilt-by-association, in this instance and in others related to those who may or may not have been “inspired” by Trump’s recitation of election theft.

There is no ready-made shortcut to creation of a new political party by, for example, paying dues to join the Libertarians; notably, their neo-isolationism precludes geopolitical tariffs, which would unleash the Chinese Communist Party.

If all of the above were to fail, the only other option is a heavily primaried and hopefully repopulated Republican Party leadership; to quote Bette Davis in the 1950 film All About Eve, the United States must be forewarned that the electorate must “Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night.”

Lynne K. Lechter is a business/corporate attorney and litigator. Robert B. Sklaroff is a hematologist/oncologist.