The remand of the three detainees who were arrested yesterday on suspicion of harming PA residents will be shortened to next Friday, it was determined today after a hearing on the appeal that their attorneys submitted to the Nazareth District Court.

The lawyers for the three are Avraham Sofer and Adi Kedar from the Honenu legal aid organization. The young people are being interrogated by the Shin Bet and the Judea/Samaria police.

At the hearing, Nazareth District Court Judge Arafat Taha recommended that the police agree to shorten the detention from the middle of next week to this Friday. This is a shortening of 4 and 5 days of detention, and indeed at the end of the hearing the detention was shortened, and thus the appeal was largely accepted.

Meanwhile, the detention of two other Samaria residents who were arrested last night has also been extended until next Friday.

Advocate Adi Kedar, who represented the detainees at today's hearings, said, "During the hearing, the Nazareth District Court criticized the prosecution's conduct and the future investigation plan, and in these circumstances significantly reduced the suspects' detention by five days. They will be brought to another hearing on Friday and we hope that another affair will end there with nothing."