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Bill Gates was on “60 Minutes” explaining how with his billions and his Silicon partners he intends to create a clean new world, a world unsafe for oil, gas, and coal.

But safe for solar panels…plus sun and wind. We weren’t told what happens if it rains.

Say 40 days and 40 nights?

According to Gates, who sounded like a would-be Big Brother, there is something inherently wrong with you if you don’t panic about fossil fuels, pollution, and global warming.

(Though right now, baby, it’s cold outside.)

Gates himself is in a state of alarm. He is also absolutely certain about his action. A man so sure of himself is cause for suspicion, that he may be shooting loaded dice.

Saving the planet is one thing, but as Bob Dylan has it in one of his ballads, “You’re playing with my world.”

As you can tell, I don’t know much about this futuristic technology and found 99 percent of what Gates said way over my head. But I tried.

Seems that we’ll have to start from scratch, if Gates has it his way. He has already spent billions on redesigning Creation, with more billions to come.

Everything must go. Think the Empire State Building. It would have to be torn down and rebuilt certainly not with bricks and mortar, but with soybeans, or something.

Same for your house and home.

Suppose you object? Too bad. The Masters of the Universe…the same ones who already control 60 percent of your lives, now want the rest.

You have no say.

Together with the government, they will decide what’s good for you, and you will have no choice but to heed.

Bill Gates wasn’t kidding. He’s got big plans and because he’s got big money, and you don’t, it’s his way or the highway…which will also have to be repaved to conform with his standards.

If all this sounds like AOC’s Green New Deal…well it is. Out of the mouth of babes.

More than that, there is no time to waste…in case you think you can relax with a cup of coffee which was boiled over a gas oven.

You will have to hide that stove when they come. Your gas-guzzling car has already been impounded.

Don’t even try. Gates and his police force know everything. Think of that Ray Bradbury movie, “Fahrenheit 451” where they came for your books.

The technology is now available to make this real. Can’t hide.

No time to waste, says Gates, because doomsday is coming in about 10 years…if we don’t change our wicked ways.

How does he know? His scientists tell him so. Other scientists say otherwise. But they don’t have Masters of the Universe on their side, nor Gates’s billions.

In fact, some say our air has never been cleaner. You won’t see them on “60 Minutes.” Gates meanwhile made his case without being challenged.

The interviewer let him go on, and on, so I forget whether Gates, now a prophet, in the eyes of CBS, intends to makeover America only, or the rest of the world as well.

Suppose China won’t buckle? Or does he own them, too? What good are our windmills against their factory smoke if they, and others, won’t comply?

Will Gates have to buy truculent Mexico?

We’ve had prophets like this before…throughout history. Most end up being forcefully sedated and being taken away in white vans.

For all that, maybe Gates is right after all? But he’s an alarmist, who says trust me with your lives, and that’s a turn-off.

Plus, anything coming from Silicon Valley must be reserved for further reflection.

Those are people with too much money and too much time on their hands.

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