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The father of a 10-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by a Bedouin robber spoke on Sunday evening to News 13, detailing for the first time the horrific incident and calling for increased enforcement against crime and changes to the open fire laws.

The assault occurred two weeks ago, on Friday night, when the family, which lives in the Negev region, had finished their Friday night meal and headed off to bed. Shortly after midnight, masked robbers entered the family's home, and according to suspicion, sexually assaulted the family's ten-year-old daughter, who was sleeping in her bedroom, which she shares with three of her siblings.

"This is the horror of horrors, a nightmare," the father said. "Two masked men of death did what they did to a ten-year-old girl lying in her Shabbat (Sabbath) dress in her bed, in the safest place in the world. And you understand that if I had fired my weapon, I would be the guilty party."

"He looked around, chose what he wanted to choose, and did what he wanted to do. It was all with complete awareness, as another person shined a flashlight for him on my little girl's face, and then one of the girls screamed and they escaped. When I came out I saw them, I pulled out my weapon, and they ran off."

According to the father, the main issue is a lack of governance.

"It's unthinkable that there should be such anarchy here, that they can enter people's homes, rape little girls in their beds, and if you fire at them - you sit in jail," he said. "Aryeh Schiff is a classic example. From my peprspective, anyone who enters someone else's private property is a person of death. I'm not blaming the police, but the government policies. If we can't govern the area, then they govern us, and the ones governing us are very large forces of criminals who do what they want, and I don't have the option to protect myself."

Since the attack, the father is afraid to sleep at all, and the only thing which has helped the family return to routine is the fact that their home is secured 24/7.

"Something is completely messed up in our war against crime, there's complete anarchy," he emphasized. "We need a hand of an axe, we need special units. The court, from my perspective, is worthless. It's unthinkable that there should be such lawlessness here, that people go into other people's homes and rape little girls in their beds."

The suspects were caught, but there are those trying to make light of their actions.

"No one should be making up excuses claiming that the suspect is a kid with mental retardation and that he's just a kid," the father continued. "He went from bed to bed. From my perspective, this is the beginning of a world war, and we need to treat it as such. And the first thing is [to change] the open fire guidelines."