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Following the British and South African coronavirus mutations, a new mutation from Poland may be the next to take the world by storm.

The Polish Ministry of Agriculture has announced that a new strain of the coronavirus is found in minks being grown on a farm in northern Poland. According to the post: "The new strain can easily pass from the mink to humans and vice versa."

The mink farm is located in the Kartuzy district in northern Poland and all the 5800 minks that were there have been destroyed, but in Poland there are 350 farms that breed minks, and there is concern that the mutation could cause a new outbreak of the coronavirus by spreading from animals.

According to the Health Ministry. the new mutation which was found in mink in Poland is not identical to any of the new mutation found in humans, nor is it identical to the coronavirus mutation found in minks in Denmark several months ago.

The Danish government ordered the extermination of 13 million minks after it was discovered that some of the animals carried a mutated coronavirus strain that could be easily transmitted to humans. In the Netherlands, as well, minks carrying the virus were discovered and even passed on the disease to people who worked on the mink farms, prompting local authorities to order the closure of 100 mink farms and the extermination of all animals that could carry the new strain of the virus.

In other countries, including Greece, Spain, Sweden and France, strains of the coronavirus have been detected in minks, leading to fears among scientists around the world of an outbreak of new strains of the virus.

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