Demonstration this morning
Demonstration this morningSpokesperson

Residents of Adora in Mount Hebron demonstrated this morning, Sunday, on Route 35 against the passivity of the government and security forces as PA illegals freely cross into Israel from breaches in the security fence instead of through the organized crossing built with an investment of tens of millions in Tarkumiya.

Every morning, thousands of Arabs pass the separation fence near Lachish without undergoing coronavirus checks and security checks, and make their way by buses to Israeli cities.

During the demonstration this morning, a 40-year-old Palestinian Arab man was brought to the road with no pulse. A paramedic from Adora gave him first aid and began to perform CPR on him until an ambulance arrived from Adora.

Perahya Eyal, a resident of Adora who took part in the demonstration, noted, "We came to the demonstration because it cannot be that we sit in traffic jams because thousands of Palestinians pass through the fence illegally. Minutes after our arrival, a young man was brought here exhausted from the journey through the forest and my friends treated him."

Along with the safety and security threats created by the illegal passage of the Palestinian Arabs, heavy traffic ensues for hours in mornings as a result, regularly disrupting the routine of all drivers.

Yohai Damari, head of the Mount Hebron Regional Council, stated, "This abandon cannot continue. We are in favor of the livelihoods of our Arab neighbors, but it cannot come at the expense of the livelihoods and security of our residents. The event today proves how impossible this reality is for all travelers. Passage must be enforced by a system designed for the reception of thousands of workers, or all crossings must be opened completely."

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