Adir stealth fighter
Adir stealth fighterFlash 90

Channel 12 News military commentator Roni Daniel today spoke to Nissim Mishal and Guy Peleg on 103FM Radio about the burglary at Nevatim base, in which a stolen civilian vehicle managed to penetrate into the Air Force base where Adir F-35 fighter jets are located.

Daniel said the incident was embarrassing to him, adding: "Until they know that entering the base could cost them their lives and that soldiers can shoot them if they steal military property - this whole thing will continue."

Later, Daniel also referred to the Iranian nuclear program, the impact of the assassination of Soleimani and Fakhrizadeh, and the possibility of a round of violence against Hezbollah.

Police forces with the help of the Shaldag unit and IDF forces were called to the Nevatim base this week after receiving a report of a car theft from Dimona. Apparently, the suspect, a Bedouin male, took advantage of the fact that a vehicle came out of the base's entrance gate and raced towards it, where the wheels of the vehicle exploded after becoming stuck on the strip of spikes placed there to prevent unauthorized entry.

At this point, the suspect left the vehicle and fled into the base on foot in order to escape from the police, who conducted a chase after him. During the chase, the forces located the spot at the base where the suspect climbed two barbed wire fences and a fence about five meters high and fled the base.

The IDF Spokesman stated that the findings had been handed over to the police and the incident would be investigated, "Throughout the incident, there was no danger to the soldiers at the base and its security facilities. The Air Force and police worked in full cooperation to stop the suspect."

Roni Daniel
Roni DanielPhoto: Ido Ben Porat