IDF soldiers onLebanon border during fire exchange
IDF soldiers onLebanon border during fire exchangeFlash 90

Today (Tuesday), the IDF exercise "Lightning Storm" will begin in the Northern Command along the border with Lebanon, an army spokesperson announced.

The exercise will finish in the afternoon hours tomorrow (Wednesday).

The exercise is intended to improve the IDF troops’ readiness on the border with Lebanon. During the exercise, increased traffic of security forces and vehicles will be felt in the region, a number of explosions may be heard in the area and a number of road blocks will be set up along the border. No routes will actually be blocked.

The exercise will examine how to apply the lessons learned from operational activities that took place along the border with Lebanon last summer, and will prepare the troops for a variety of scenarios, including readiness for "combat days."

IDF officials relate to the exercise and say that the Israeli army will continue to prepare and improve its readiness along the border with Lebanon, while carrying out the task of protecting the residents in the area.