GalantIsrael 2030 conference

Education Minister Yoav Galant was interviewed by journalist Ofra Laks at the Israel 2030 conference of Besheva and Arutz Sheva at the Design City complex in Mishor Adumim.

The full interview and the entire conference will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday, on the Arutz Sheva website.

Minister Galant said that "certainly in yellow and green cities the whole education system can be opened up. There shouldn't need to be any problem." The minister said that "the school does not create excess infection, on the contrary - it curbs morbidity, but if the environment is very sick - it slides into the school and as a result the school and the students go into quarantine and so on. To our great joy - students are not harmed."

The minister also said that "from everything I have seen in the last year - there is no morbidity created in schools. 90 percent of the morbidity of students is at home."

However, the minister said that he wanted the decision to be in line with the Ministry of Health - "Unfortunately, because the health system does not have many tools and the tool that was their most significant - lockdown - does not prove itself, they are very careful, and I can understand this caution...I want, in this matter, for us to go with a completely coordinated outline with the Ministry of Health because the health of the students and, no less than that, the health of the entire public - is a critical thing. So we don't pay prices for something that is incorrect."

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