The stolen car
The stolen carPolice Spokesman

IDF forces and the Israel Police located early Tuesday morning the spot from which the Bedouin suspect who broke into the Nevatim Air Base in the south escaped.

The suspect, who was driving a civilian vehicle which is believed to have been stolen, broke into the base on Monday evening. After many hours of searches, security forces located a spot where the suspect climbed two barbed wire fences and a fence about five meters high and exited the base.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that "the incident will be investigated and the necessary lessons will be learned from it."

Police had received a report of the theft of a vehicle in Dimona on Monday evening, and the vehicle was located near the military base. The driver, who noticed the policemen, began to flee from them.

He took advantage of a moment when the base gate opened and entered. During the entrance, the wheels of the vehicle tore after he drove over spikes. The thief then began to flee on foot into the military base, which has a particularly large area and is where the most advanced IDF aircraft are parked.

Army forces teamed up with police and began an extensive manhunt in an attempt to arrest the thief.

The IDF stressed that throughout the incident, there was no threat to the soldiers serving at the base nor were its security facilities threatened.