Professor Hezi Levi
Professor Hezi LeviFlash90

Health Ministry Director General Prof. Hezi Levi has said that if the vaccination rate continues to drop, Israel's lockdown may need to be extended, Kan News reported.

Two weeks ago, 69,000 first doses of the coronavirus vaccine were given each day, dropping to 59,000 per day last week. On Saturday, 42,000 vaccine doses were given, of which just 21,000 were first doses. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, 69,000 vaccines were being given each day.

Upon hearing these numbers in a Health Ministry meeting, Prof. Levi warned that if the vaccination rate does not go back up, the Ministry will recommend the lockdown be extended, Kan News added.

"With numbers like these, there will be a lockdown next week as well," he said.

Prof. Levi also promised to push a law under which anyone unvaccinated would not be allowed to work in nursing homes or other geriatric care centers. Currently, there are 400 nursing home residents and 367 staff members who have been confirmed to have coronavirus, and a significant number of staff have not been vaccinated.

"I don't think we should employ those who do not wish to be vaccinated in nursing homes," he said, adding that they will "cause outbreaks and deaths among these unfortunate elderly."

"I would like to advance a process in which we do not allow them to work there. From my perspective they can chisel sidewalks. I can't be part of these people working there, not getting vaccinated, and infecting the elderly and killing them."