Wasserlauf (r), Avrahami (c), Paz (l)
Wasserlauf (r), Avrahami (c), Paz (l) צילום: ללא

Tel Aviv activists Shefi Paz and Doron Avrahami, who lead the struggle against illegal immigrants in Tel Aviv,, announced today (Sunday) their support for Bezalel Smotrich’s religious Zionist party.

This morning, Paz and Avrahami met with Yitzhak Wasserlauf, an Otzma Yehudit candidate running on the Religious Zionist Party list, and informed him of their support for the combined list of Otzma and religious Zionism.

Wasserlauf, also a resident of South Tel Aviv, the founder of the Central Charity for South Tel-Aviv that helps residents of South Tel Aviv, families in need and the incapacitated, and a veteran activist for the deportation of illegals.

Shefi Paz said, "In the months when the state criminalized the struggle and the political system turned its back on us, there were two who stood by us, always available and willing to express support and offer help: Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben Gvir. I am glad they joined together - this fight needs them in the Knesset. They are both intelligent, committed, and militant.”

Doron Avrahami said, “I am happy to support the Religious Zionist party. Smotrich has proven time and time again that he is with us all the way, not just when the media is looking. We have called for unification with Otzma in the past, and I am happy to finally see a connection with Itamar Ben Gvir. I know they will not disappoint us. Today we begin a joint march for a better future for the State of Israel. "

Otzma candidate Yitzhak Wasserlauf said: "I thank my old friends Shefi and Doron for the trust they place in us, and I pledge: in the next Knesset the problem of illegal immigration in general and in South Tel Aviv in particular will be priorities. That fight has only one option in this election: the Religious Zionist Party."