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The Biden administration is considering pursuing a separate agreement with Iran regarding its aggressive approach in the Middle East, the Israel Hayom newspaper reports, citing two sources close to the administration.

The proposal to separate the Iranian nuclear issue from the problem of Iran's regional violence had been raised before the election by Jake Sullivan - who was chosen by President Biden to serve as National Security Advisor.

Two sources close to the White House told Israel Hayom that the administration has not yet formulated its strategy towards Iran, but the proposal to distinguish between the nuclear issue and regional aggression is one of the ideas being considered.

One source said that once the US and Iran return to the original nuclear deal, the administration will seek to reach two other future agreements: one will upgrade the nuclear deal, extend its expiration date and address the issue of building a nuclear warhead. Another agreement would respond to Iran's regional aggression.

According to both sources, it is still unclear whether the Iranian missile project would be included in the upgraded nuclear deal or the regional agreement.

Negotiations on regional aggression would be led by the United States in partnership with its allies in the region, including Israel. This is in contrast to the nuclear agreement, in which the world powers were partners and will also participate in talks on improving it, if and when they take place.

Jerusalem notes that in any case, the United States has undertaken to update Israel before the decisions are made.