Aviv Alush
Aviv Alush Flash 90

Israeli actor Aviv Alush, who was diagnosed with coronavirus, urged his followers on social media to follow the social distancing guidelines, to wear a mask and not to gather in large numbers.

"This coronavirus is no joke, I've gone through some tough nights. These are pains I have not known before, it's body parts I did not imagine could hurt," Alush said in a video posted to social media.

"Listen, we have to take care of ourselves and others. I was careful and kept the guidelines everywhere and in public, but probably not enough and not always with a mask and maintaining distance and here, I got it."

Alush added, "One of the great lessons here is ‘love your neighbor as yourself’, because we have to be careful no matter where we are, even when it's uncomfortable for us and it bothers us, we need to be careful for us and for others. Look at what's going on here, madness, the rate of infection is insane, the number of deaths every day is just heartbreaking."

"We must take personal responsibility, all day long we are busy blaming each other, enough. enough. We can only win with love in our hearts," he concluded.